4 reasons why CI/CD is vital for your business

At Quality Tech Lab we build out your complete Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines and support the full automation lifecycle of your developers for the speedy delivery of software.

CI/CD is both efficient for the developers and the users. It bridges the gap between the development and operations teams.

Here are 4 reasons why CI/CD is vital for your business.

CICD allows immediate checking of codes. Thus the direct detection of bugs helps companies make the necessary changes, resolve the issues in the earlier stages of the development cycle and save time and money. 

It improves the code cycle at every phase and speeds up the testing process.


After testing the code is in a release-ready mode. 

CICD helps to release new system updates quicker managing to merge the new codes to the current one. Simultaneously it manages to find bugs and fix them faster.

The elimination of bugs during the development, testing and deployment phases of software development has many benefits. Prevent the defects from being released prematurely, so the product is released with no bugs. This will result in a successful product launch, with no risk of ruining the customers’ experience.

With the help of CICD bugs are fixed while still in the development phase. Thus any feedback from the user can be easily integrated into the new system. Quick updates help gain the customer’s satisfaction.

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