5 qualities that can make you a good Software testing engineer

They say software testing engineers think differently!

The role of software testing engineers is to find and identify defects in software applications and products. But what does a specialist need to identify the errors and the gaps? Are the technical skills enough? With a creative mindset, critical thinking, innovative approach, and communication skills, Software Testing Engineers should also have a perfect sense of details and make quick decisions while working under pressure.

We have asked Lilit Simonyan, one of our very own Software Testing Engineers, to share the abilities and qualities that a testing engineer should possess.

The qualities Lilit highlights are necessary in all fields generally. According to Lilit, it is impossible to become a good and demanding Software Testing Engineer without one of these qualities. Lilit believes there are so many qualities, but she summed up  the most important ones. Those are necessary in the modern world, crucial not only for the Software Testing Engineers but also for every single person out there.

Here we go!

The first thing to mention is the ability to analyze. If the Software Testing Engineer does not perform mechanical work following the standard definitions, they always analyze. Without analysis, one can’t evaluate the result.  It is about quality, satisfaction of requirements, and finding bugs.

The second important quality is the ability to work in a team. Of course, this ability is divided into sub-abilities, but Lilit separates politeness, tact, and flexibility first.

“Why am I singling these out? It turned out that the Software Testing Engineer reveals and raises the issues caused by the work done by others. And for the healthy atmosphere of the general team, it is very important to be persistent while asserting your opinion. At the same time you have to correctly formulate any thought and not to offend the other person during discussions”, Lilit states.

Lilit also considers the ability to focus, concentrate, as well as the ability to work under pressure as one of the core qualities for a Software Testing Engineer.

“Very often there are tense moments in our work, especially before the releases. And it is very important to be able to concentrate under stressful situations and maintain stability”, Lilit says.

We need self-confidence in every sphere of our life. But it should become stronger where different opinions collide.

Lilit says, “It often happens that when raising a bug, co-workers try to convince you that it is already fixed, or what is fixed meets the conditions. And your self-confidence must have solid foundations. That’s possible if you know your job very well and you are fully engaged in the project you’re working on”

Love to learn new things every day. Nowadays life is developing faster than ever. And that speed will increase dramatically if there is no global change in the world.

“In order to be a competitive and sought-after Software testing engineer, we must constantly learn. Otherwise, there will be a gap between you and the present world”.

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