6 characteristics that a great mobile tester should have

We are living in the era of mobile domination. The growing popularity of mobile applications has led to an increase in the number of app users. Unfortunately, this also means that there is a corresponding rise in the cases of app crashes and errors. Spoiled by so many cool and innovative features we never bear bugs.

Trust us, no matter how good your app is, even one silly mistake may make a customer reject the application.

One of the worse ever things that can happen to any business is when they launch an application, but the customer uninstalls it and switches to a competitor. And this is one of the most possible outcomes in case the mobile application is not thoroughly tested. So, a bad user experience, especially in the case of new customers, leaves no chance for the application.

Mobile testing is one of the core directions for Quality Tech Lab. We have asked our very own software testing engineer Shooshanik Shahinyan to share insights about our mobile testing services, also give some tips to mobile testers, and name the benefits of the profession. Well, here we go.

At Quality Tech Lab, during the mobile testing, we use all the possibilities to organize the test correctly. The newest tools help us to get more accurate results and detect any vulnerabilities.

One of our biggest advantages is that we implement the entire testing process with real devices. Despite having a long time of experience in mobile testing QTLab’s specialists continue to learn and grow in mobile and software testing.

Now let’s see what are 6 characteristics that a great mobile tester should have.


The most important thing is to have quite a flair for mobile testing. One may have a lot of skills, but there are situations when instincts help more to make a correct decision. One gets a better result with a good eye rather than doing standard and template skill-based actions.


When you love and are interested in mobile apps, you just know everything by heart. You know every single detail about the app, how it works, and what it should do. In that case, bugs and defects are better seen and become more visible.


This is one of the most important characteristics. Perfect communication with the client means half of the work is done. That’s true because as a result of communication, you get the answers to all your questions and start working. Asking questions and getting answers is also a part of our workflow.


It often happens that we learn a lot as a result of waiting and being patient. Calm thinking is gold in cases when we need an asap solution. There are cases when all you have to do is wait for a little, and the application will expose the bugs itself.


In mobile testing, it is important to think differently in addition to the standard cases, so that you can test all the options that are possible while using the app. Thinking out of the box helps in this case. Just imagine yourself in a situation that’s not standard, thus you can understand what could happen.


There are times when you focus on global and serious cases, forgetting about simple details. A mobile tester should have attention to detail.

In the world of endlessly growing mobile apps, everything is adapted for mobile. Therefore mobile tester is a very competitive profession. If you like to talk on the phone and use smartphones a lot, in case you are interested in different apps, then this can become a perfect job for you. What is just a part of your day can become your job.

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