Is Happiness an absence of bugs?

What is happiness? Is it an absence of bugs? Or maybe it is about detection and solution. Trust us, as a software development and testing company we perfectly know that nothing is perfect and there is a bug everywhere.

Happiness has got its very own address – the 20th of March is the international day of happiness to realize that this is not just a word but a state of mind, to understand the importance of happiness in our lives. 

We live in a world of challenges, crises, disasters, destruction, cruelty, loss, tears. But at the same time, this is the world of love and care, education and favorite job, breathtaking moments and fantasy, art and literature, kindness and virtue, beauty and happiness.

On this day we have asked a few of our teammates to answer a simple question –  what is happiness?  

“Happiness is my family”․

Aramayis Hovhannisyan
Founder and CEO of Quality Tech Lab

“Happiness is my daughter”.

Happiness is to see my little girl running to me and giving me a hug when I come back home”

Katarina Khachatryan
Software Testing Engineer

“Happiness is “eudaimonia”․ There’s no happiness. It’s a useless word. The proper replacement for that word is “eudaimonia” defined by Aristotle which is close to the word “fulfillment”․

Aramayis Grigoryan
Data Engineer

“Happiness is to Feel the Moment. Happiness is to take a deep breath, to enjoy coffee at dawn, when the city is half asleep and to feel alive.

Anahit Sargsyan
Technical Recruiter & Talent Acquisition Specialist 

“Happiness is when you enjoy what you do. Happiness is when you help people and see their happy faces.

Artush Manukyan
UI/UX Designer

“Happiness is when you manage to find your true self. Happiness is when you are appreciated”. 

Shushan Khachatryan
People Operations Manager

“Happiness is never regretting. Happiness is not to regret after losing”․

Narine Hakobyan
Software Testing Engineer

Happiness is recognizing and appreciating. Happiness is when you can recognize and appreciate the good things in your life without letting the bad things overshadow them.

Arto Adunts
Business Development and Strategic Management

“Happiness is an abstract notion. Everyone has a corresponding definition. Often we choose what we need for happiness. Hence, there is something important – the missing thing should not be unattainable, because then you will never be happy”.

Samvel Muradyan
Implementation & DevOps Engineer

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