Can a CV ruin your chances of landing the dream job? 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And your CV is the first impression to make.

The first thing employers look at when selecting candidates for jobs is a CV. During the recruitment process, the specialists receive dozens and hundreds of CVs. Don’t let your CV ruin your chances of success.


How to make a good CV

At Quality Tech Lab we constantly have a hiring process. Our specialists deal with many CVs on a daily basis. Anahit Sargsyan is our very own Tech Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Poorly formed CVs are one of the most common issues Anahit has been facing is. This issue complicates and prolongs the process of selecting the correspondent candidate.

Based on her experience Anahit knows well how to make a CV and how to apply. She is more than sure that a properly designed CV increases a chance of being shortlisted. We have asked her to outline important points to keep in mind while making a CV and help you avoid common mistakes while applying.

Here we go!

How to make a good CV

First of all, remember that a CV is the first look at your experience and activity, therefore do your best to make it in the most presentable way. Another important point in addition to making a presentable CV, is the process of applying for the position, as it is a step forward from the process of reviewing it.

Your resume should highlight relevant experiences, degrees, and achievements, not just lists of dates and names. But remember, it’s a resume, not a diary!

Pay great attention to the general structure and the colors of the CV. It has to be neat and clear.

Spreadsheet-like CVs are no longer trendy. A CV should be designed as simple as possible. Select 2 colors, and well readable font, as well as pay attention to the appropriate order of personal information, experience, education, etc. Start the timeline depending on the nature of work, relevant field, and requirements.

How to make a good CV

Preferably, start your CV with contact information. 

Do not include your photo in the CV. Let’s remember about Լinkedin, which allows the recruiter to see and learn more about the candidate, and also to see the photo if necessary. By the way, here is another important tip – pay attention to your Linkedin account, always update it and pay attention to what you are posting. 

Don’t include personal information in your CV such as date of birth, if this information isn’t relevant to the employer. Information about your marital status, or having children can also be unnecessary if the application does not require those. 

Your residential address or other similar details are not relevant, you can only mention the city you are based in, in case that is required in the announcement. 

The hiring process is about finding the best professionals and the employers do their best to keep their application process fair and inclusive. 

As must-have information – mention your email address, phone number, also active links to your LinkedIn account, GitHub, and portfolio. An important tip – your email address should preferably include your name and surname, avoid using some unnecessary numbers, or adjectives.  

The position for which you are applying must be mentioned in the subject line of the email. 

How to make a good CV

After providing the contact information start with the about section, including a short summary about your work experience. 

Give priority to your work experience, arranging it in the correct chronological order. By the way, start the timeline of your work experience with the current workplace. This is one of the common mistakes candidates make.

A brief description of your the functions at the mentioned positions provides more information about your experience. It also facilitates the stages of organizing the upcoming job interviews. 

Information about your background and education should follow the about section 

Your CV should include the most up-to-date information that corresponds to the position you apply for.  

How to make a good CV

Include the Skills section in your CV

This is an important section. Don’t mix soft and hard skills in a section. Leave only the relevant ones. 

Also don’t forget to include a detailed information about the languages you know, mentioning the levels. 

That’s it, you are done!

Your CV is well packed ready to be sent to your potential employer. But wait a second for the last but not least important point.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Before opening your CV, the recruiter finds it closed, attached. Make sure you have renamed the file and given a proper subject. The best option for naming the file is to write your name and the surname. Avoid pdf.pdf.pdf, doc.doc or similar namings.

Write down the position you are applying for in the subject of your email. Avoid writing down “job”, “CV”, your “name and surname” or similar namings in the subject line.

How to make a good CV

Cover letter is a bonus.

Attaching a cover letter to your email doubles the chances of landing that dream job. Try to explain briefly why you are applying.

Follow our tips, make a great CV and don’t ruin your chances of landing the dream job!





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