Design Your Tests

In our previous articles we talked about oracles and procedures of testing. Now, let’s get a better vision and understanding from where we need to start testing and what is the importance of designing tests.

Creating a  clearly structured design and execution plan is where testing should begin. To create a correct test design, we should:

In this introductory article we will speak mostly about the first two aspects of test design.

Step 1: Understand how the product works and what are its main functions.

You can try to portray these either in your mind or on a piece of paper. This is exactly how you model your test case. You should note that these models should be various, different from each other, and they need to represent all important aspects of the product. The better you understand your product the better test case you will be able to create giving yourself the opportunity to test what is actually needed to be tested.

Step 2: Identify the coverage of our tests.

Although some people regard to test coverage and code coverage as the same thing, you should remember that code coverage is only a part of test coverage. To better identify test coverage we need to consider problems and we need to test them. We should also know every little part of the product and understand how those small parts affect each other. Another thing that we should know is what types of operation systems can run our product and how much time and resources it usually takes for checking. Finally, we need to alter how much time it takes to run our tests on various platforms.

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