Employee Appreciation Week – a key point for the company’s success

The first Friday of March is celebrated as Employee Appreciation Day. But here at Quality Tech Lab, we have a unique tradition of spending a whole week of appreciation and we believe these are one of the best days of the year.

From the very first day of QTLab‘s foundation, we have included employee appreciation as part of our business structure, turning the idea into one of our values.

Thank you – a magical phrase that can move mountains

Thanking the team during Appreciation Week is a unique way of recognizing the importance of every team member’s work, contribution, and achievement. Working with devotion and an individual strategy per each project deserves appreciation, which eventually becomes a base and one of the key points for the company’s success and brick for building a strong motivation system.

Thanking the team for making a difference in the company’s success is an important part of our workflow.

The company’s success is a TEAM that succeeds

We spend most of the time working, implementing a number of important projects, and communicating with each other. The founder and CEO of Quality Tech Lab Aramayis Hovhannisyan has a special approach to the appreciation system. He has designed the process of appreciation in a way so every team member feels that their work is vital for the success of the project and the entire company.

“In the world of innovative technologies and Artificial Intelligence, the human factor is the most important criteria for me. I am sure that motivation is the direct path to success. A motivated team means your company will succeed because humans make real power. “Thank you” is not just a phrase, thanking the team for what they do is the beginning of success”, says Aramayis Hovhannisyan.

So we have spent the first week of March getting surprise sweets and cakes at the office, playing games after work, and communicating with each other.

Here comes the team

Sure, there are days when you don’t like a project you work on or you are just not in the mood to work. But here comes the importance of a team.

At Quality Tech Lab we truly believe in the power of being a team, no matter what position you hold and how great at whatever job you are, our employees are qualified to do more than work. In addition to being experts in their field, they also appreciate being teammates and knowing they have huge support if needed.

Why is employee appreciation important?

– The team member feels trust 

– The work is recognized

– Motivation helps reach greater success

– Helps to fight the fear of failure

– Support

– Inspire to keep going

– Enjoying the process

– The feeling of being an important part of the final result

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