How is it to be a woman in Tech?

It is Women’s Month in Armenia.

Yes, you have read it right․ March 8th celebration of International Women’s Day continues until April 7th in Armenia. As you see, we are never tired of celebrating inspiring women and supporting them developing in their career paths towards leadership roles, and recognizing their achievements.

From the very first day of its launch, Quality Tech Lab has been for full and equal access and participation in the software development and testing industry for everyone, regardless of gender.

But let us speak in numbers. Over 55% of our staff are women. Besides, 50% of our top management are also women.

Our commitment to equality doesn’t end here. We do our best to develop a platform with no stereotypes and discrimination against women, to inspire and engage them in the industry.

We talked to 5 women, working at Quality Tech Lab, and asked them to share their thoughts about women in tech.

So here we go! 5 women in tech, QTLab experts share their stories behind starting their careers in IT, speak about the difficulties they face as women in IT, and also give a piece of advice to those, who are just starting to work in the field.

I had the desire to work in the technological field when I realized that I no longer want to work under oppressive control. I wanted to turn my work into a pleasant process, so I chose this field, where in my opinion the employee is given trust.

Constant growth and keeping up with the trends and the new tools are a must in IT. It is more difficult for a woman as she has to combine her professional life with family.

Balance is the most important thing in IT, as well as in other fields.

I want to tell all the women out there that age or status can never be a barrier to learning.

Appreciation of my work motivates me.

I have detected the first-ever bug in my life when I was 6. I have experience working in several fields. But at a certain moment, I realized that I want to be a testing engineer.

As a woman, I have never experienced any issues at work. Maybe that is because I am lucky enough to work at QTlab which gives full and equal access and participation in the software development and testing industry regardless of gender.

Gender doesn’t play a role in any of the fields. I believe there are no male or female jobs. If a person has an aim, is eager to study, and loves life, they will always find a dream job despite their gender.

I would advise women to never think of failing or that they are “lacking” in something. Even after 30 a person can change their profession, start working in IT and succeed. By the way, we have many successful examples in our company.

I love to set a goal and achieve it. Going to the gym at 6:00 a.m., reading over 70 books annually, constantly learning and observing new fields, being busy with different stuff and enjoying the process, also managing to combine all these with two schoolboys and not to go crazy, this is my motivation for every day.

I have been trying to understand what I want to do in life. While observing the IT field I came up with the idea that testing is my passion. I realized I want to be a testing engineer while watching one of my favorite detective movies. To see how the investigator collects facts and evidence to help solve criminal cases inspired me to detect bugs, to develop analytical thinking, and to be creative.

There are difficulties everywhere around, especially when you start the learning process. I love to embrace difficulties, as an easy path brings nowhere.

The IT sphere wouldn’t be nothing, without a woman or a girl.

My advice is never to stop the learning process. Develop in the sphere, become more professional. If you learn and feel like you know nothing, it means you are on the right path.

The fact that women can have manager positions motivates me. I admire women who manage to combine their family life with professional success.
Several courses increased my interest in IT. Well, I realized how promising the field is and how many opportunities there are to learn new things.

IT is one of a few fields that are not gendered.

I think women have a higher sense of responsibility. Guys, I am sorry, but women are more attentive and detail-oriented.

Regardless of gender, my advice is to always be quick to catch new trends, learn non-stop and develop their human qualities.

My team, the working atmosphere, and the professional attitude motivate me every day.

I was interested in developing a career in technology because I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to make other people’s jobs easier and more productive.

I am a woman working in the technology industry and I choose to see it as an advantage, rather than a disadvantage.

It is important to have more women working in IT as they think differently.

My advice is just to do it – join IT and you will be a happier and a satisfied person.

Being part of the future motivates me every day.


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