JavaScript is a powerful tool in good hands

Arthur Gharibyan, JavaScript team Lead at Quality Tech Lab. Software Development

Since its invention in 1995, JavaScript has become a popular programming language for software development. It’s one of the most basic languages we use every day.

JavaScript – true magic

JavaScript is the true magic. We extensively use it in software development. Who can say that it is not one of the most important programming languages in the world? In case you doubt we speak in numbers. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey JS is the leading programming language in 2022.

Let’s see another statistic. According to World Wide Web Technology Surveys, 98% of all the websites use JavaScript as a client-side programming language. It’s used in different web and app domains such as online gaming, educational institutions, and corporate settings. The world’s biggest platforms such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or YouTube use JavaScript.

Arthur Gharibyan, our very own JavaScript team lead, has shared his thoughts about the importance of JS and more.

Optimal time + quality final result

At Quality Tech Lab the consistent professional growth of the developers is a must.

“Our team always does several researches, trying to find answers and solutions to specific issues and situations. I can describe our team as hard-working and always doing their best. Optimal time + quality final result, this is what we have as a vision during the implementation of any project”, Arthur says.

JavaScript and Java are not the same

Those who want to dive into the world of software development, but are not familiar with the field, often think that JavaScript and Java are the same. Consequently, the most common idea is that Java is just the shortened version of JavaScript.

In reality, these two languages function very differently.

Eventually, catch the main difference between Java and JavaScript. Java is an OOP programming language. JavaScript in its turn is an OOP programming script.

“I would also like to note that we use both languages for different types of projects. Java builds applications on devices or browsers, while JavaScript builds primarily on HTML documents and browsers. Java is strongly typed while JavaScript is dynamically typed”.

JavaScript is a powerful tool in good hands

According to Arthur, the main advantage of JavaScript is its versatility allowing to build almost everything. “If you are a super professional, JavaScript turns into a powerful tool. In good hands it can create almost everything”.

Regardless of the programing language, to become a guru in the field the developer needs to start from the base. Exploring the core working mechanism of the code, also programming related global main aspects, OOP, for instance, helps to develop the skills and constantly grow.

Remember, JavaScript is the true magic. The receipt is simple but powerful, optimal time + quality final result, that’s it.

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