Know Your Mission

In order to perform effective and useful software testing, testers should essentially understand the core meaning of testing and what their mission is within each team. In our previous posts, we spoke a lot about testing and its purpose.

We would like to speak about another equally important issue: the mission of a tester. One thing to be clear is: as a tester, you’re a provider of information rather than a process killer.

We have previously stated that the owner of quality is the product owner, not the tester. As a tester, you are supposed to perform testing and provide the necessary information that keeps the product moving forward. However, your actions should not be aimed against the developers and should by no means block the development process. Test, report and go back to testing.

While our role might be somehow limited within the development team, you should understand that testers play a bigger role within the development process. How so? Note that even though we cannot be the voice of customers, we should perform testing on behalf of those who would be using our product. Therefore, to understand the needs of our customers and users we need to put ourselves in their shoes. This requires a lot of researching.

Doesn’t matter whether you work inside a development team or inside a testers’ team, you should always work to develop your and your colleagues’ expertise.

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