Minas Melkonyan. “The tools and methods we use meet all the requirements of the current market”

Software testing engineer at Quality Tech Lab Minas MelkonyanLife is a series of experiences. Due to them we grow and learn. Life is full of surprises and difficulties. It teaches us lessons, it can also punish for arrogance. But even the most experienced may fail.

Undoubtedly, failure is a normal part of life because we all experience it. It’s inevitable.

But what if we say there can be no failure? What if something you create or produce can be almost 100% ready for every potential difficulty that comes on its way? Software testing engineering is our answer!

Any software, project, or idea that is generated and implemented by a human being, cannot be infallible. No matter how much preparation you put into the implementation of the project, things can always go wrong in an unexpected way.

No day without a software testing engineer

Here is why it is just impossible to imagine a day without a software testing engineer. We need a tester or a team to implement a thorough testing process before making the product available to users. This is the right way to avoid possible issues and bugs, both on a small and large scale.

Essentially, testers are engineers. Their main goal is to have quality and well-functioning projects.

Of course, you are now reciting one of the ideas we wrote above․ What is implemented by a human being, cannot be infallible. Sure, testers are humans and they may also make mistakes. One of our very own testing engineers at Quality Tech Lab Minas Melkonyan has an answer to this. He always mentions that one of the main axioms of testing is that there is always a bug, and it is not possible to find all of them. But!

But there is always a solution

Exactly this is the main reason why all projects should have long and well-designed testing processes.

Minas Melkonyan says Quality Tech Lab’s software test team is highly qualified. “The tools and methods we use meet all the requirements of the current market”, Minas says.

The professional qualities, skills and abilities of Quality Tech Lab’s testers make it possible to fully implement any testing process. 

“We have adopted the “Lifelong Learning” principle, which implies continuous professional improvement, the timely development, and continuous self-education”. The continuous experience of long and successful cooperation with both local and international leading organizations make our services trustful.   

Our expertise is really prodigious

As a testing specialist, Minas mentions the importance of documentation, which includes bug reports, test cases, test plan, regression plan, automation plan, etc. Keeping everything documented is crucial for analyzing the risks, understanding the current issues of the project, choosing the starting point and defining the most essential objectives. 

Minas shares some insights about the company, “Due to Quality Tech Lab’s policy and strategy, I have managed to work and succeed in various projects in different fields, from banking to healthcare. Our expertise is really prodigious. During the implementation of different projects, we are constantly testing AI, mobile apps, desktop applications, web environments using functional and non-functional types of testing”. 



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