QTLab testing expert Avetis Chilyan explains the importance of pentesting

At Quality Tech Lab we provide end-to-end security testing solutions to regularly scan, identify and instantly notify upon any threats. The implementation of different options of security testing helps our security experts to identify potential threats and to minimize risks.

In addition to a number of special tools, at Quality Tech Lab our experts use penetration testing to identify any bug in the existing security systems. We have asked one of our penetration testing experts Avetis Chilyan to explain the importance of pentesting and present some of the options we implement at Quality Tech Lab.

“Vulnerabilities and threats, malicious attacks and possible loopholes, weaknesses of the software system and unexpected cracks – we use a number of innovative tools to detect and resolve any kind of failures”, says Avetis.

Described as ethical hacking, this special cybersecurity technique helps to implement effective security control.

Why is Penetration Testing important?

“Many companies choose to work only on the “security paper” stage. They develop the necessary information security documentation, unaware of the real vulnerabilities in the security system and the consequences that may arise if attackers exploit those vulnerabilities”, says Avetis.

The value of Penetration Testing is that the specialist simulates the sequence of actions performed by the potential attacker as close to reality as possible.

“These actions allow us to identify the most vulnerable areas of information systems, to analyze the causes and consequences in case of a successful attack, as well as to test the reliability of the existing protection mechanisms”, Avetis states.

What service do we provide for Penetration Testing?

Here are some of Penetration testing options we implement at Quality Tech Lab.

Network Penetration Testing
This is one of the methods used to prevent unauthorized network intrusion. Due to  Network Penetration Testing the expert can identify the most easily exposed network vulnerabilities. This includes servers, firewalls, switches, routers, printers, workstations, and so on. The actions implemented within network penetration testing help to protect an organization from common network-based attacks.

Mobile App Penetration Testing
This option includes two types of tests – static analysis and dynamic analysis. This is an important testing process before launching the application and during the runtime.

Web App Penetration Testing
How to detect vulnerabilities in web-based applications? Here is where we need web application penetration testing.

IoT Penetration Testing
IoT security audit helps make the device more secure.

Wireless Penetration Testing  
Due to wireless pentesting the experts manage to identify risks and vulnerabilities related to wireless networks.

Who needs PenTesting?

Avetis assures, both leading companies and start-ups should be confident that the security of their IT infrastructure is currently at the required level, and Penetration Testing is one of the most effective types of security audits.

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