Sveta Isoyan: From Economist to Software Tester

Software testing is a state of mind and basically a curious and vigilant techie person one day can join the geek club of software testers and improve their skills in this field.

Sveta from Qualty Testing Lab has her own story and the path of becoming Senior software tester. After graduation from Armenian State University of Economics in 2019, soon-to-be economist Sveta explores the financial side of IT world and gets excited with the perspectives of the industry.

Relying on her economist’s instinct and on the rising demand in the market, she has signed up for quality automation courses at Armenian Code Academy, and very soon started her career path as a QA Automation Engineer.

In April 2019 Sveta has joined QT Lab as a software tester. Reminiscing her career path Sveta gives gratitude to her first profession and specifically to her mathematical and analytical skills gained during schooling at PhysMath school. “The mathematical knowledge given by the school helps me to think logically, which I think is necessary in all fields, but finding logical solutions and having a flexible mind while testing is more than necessary!” Sveta claims.

Anyway, it is getting really hard when it comes to explaining her occupation to relatives or to anyone unaware of IT world. In her attempts Sveta brings everyday examples and she does her best not to use software terms. “It seems that as a specialist it should be easier for me to explain my job, but it is really quite difficult to make everything clear for others without using terms.”, laughs Sveta.

Upskilling is a must for a software tester, and gaining new skills are in the plans as well, but for now Sveta strives to become a demanded and advanced software tester in the market. She has many interesting debugging experiences , but most of the bugs that she has founds during testings, she saw in her dreams! “I wake up at night and make notes in my notebook, and then when I start the working day, I reproduce the problem that I have found in my dream and it is almost always there!”, she cunningly smiles.

The morning of a software tester starts with a cup of coffee {+ or – sugar} and planning the work with the teammates. Sveta says that sometimes the work gets really tough in the office and it’s important to cheer the teammates and have breaks for other discussions, like the last episode of Netflix series (Sveta is currently on to Blacklist), or playing some team building games. “I think the beginning and the end of the working day should be positive, because it can be quite tense, and the team must be able to reduce that tension by some means.”, Sveta assures.

Finally, based on her own experience and career path, Sveta has some tips to share with beginner testers. The most important advice is to research and try to better understand what software testing is, only then try to enter the field. “Do not think that testing is the fastest and easiest way to enter the IT industry. I think the ability to ask the right questions is very important, the ability to work with the given information, to grasp it quickly and to have good knowledge of languages.”

You can learn more about Sveta’s software tester’s career and tips for the beginners, in her recent collaborated webinar with UNDP’s Kolba Jobs

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