Tester’s Ten Commandments

Chicken or the egg? This is probably the oldest (if not the very first) debate that the civilization has faced. While this question used to raise critical thinking and train the logic of humans since the earliest times, it definitely went under black-box testing and debugging as well.

If the egg was the first that was laid by another bird, then how did the chicken appear, and who was the father? Testing always helps with answers!

Regardless whether first was the egg or the chicken, this argument comes to prove that any statement is testable and the Tester as a profession is as old as “Chicken or the egg”. Testers are basically the skeptics of IT world.

Nowadays technology has grabbed nearly all spheres of our life and daily routine, and the era of lost & found TV remote control seems old as the hills. As long as Alexa keeps simplifying our lives, and world economy is managed by decentralized digital currency, software testing is an indisputable necessity!

Before starting your career as a software tester, mind 10 unbreakable commandments of a true software tester and follow them in your career path.

  1. In Bug we trust.
  2. Don’t make any CAST an idol for yourself, nor bow down to it or worship it.
  3. Exhaustive testing, which is unreal, is perfect.
  4. Keep the Acceptance Testing Day holy.
  5. Respect your Alpha & Beta Testers.
  6. You must not break the test plan.
  7. You must not steal a code.
  8. You must not commit murder.
  9. You must not give false reporting against the Developer.
  10. You must not be envious of your fellow testers. You shall not be envious of their multi-tasking skills, nor the bugs that were discovered by other testers.

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