To test or not to test, that is the question

We often underestimate the “power” of security testing․ We ignore the fact that this is one of the core issues directly leading to business failure. Data protection is a priority. Without that, you simply put your customers at risk.

But there is a huge risk for you as a company as well. Losing customers’ trust while putting their data at risk is equal to destroying your very own reputation.

What comes next? Trust us, there is nothing good coming next.

You better escape the “coming next”. Go back to the beginning of the text – never underestimate the “power” of security testing

Systems are very often vulnerable enough to become the target of illegal entry. Hacker attempts, scams for illegal profits and a long list of other cases can easily crack the cyber security and cause damages to the entire system.

And here is where magic happens! To put it clearer, here is where testing specialists do magic. They check the quality of the software and the level of its compliance with predetermined needs and expected results.

If we think of describing the security testing process in a few key points, we will have the following. 

At Quality Tech Lab we provide end-to-end security testing solutions to regularly scan, identify and instantly notify upon any threats. The implementation of different types of security testing helps our security experts and testers to identify potential threats and to minimize security risks.

 Vulnerabilities and threats, malicious attacks and possible loopholes, weaknesses of the software system and unexpected cracks – we use a number of innovative tools to detect and resolve any kind of failures. 

In addition to a number of special tools, at Quality Tech Lab our IT experts use penetration testing to identify any bug in the existing security systems. 

Penetration testing, or pen testing, as IT people usually call it, is a must-have for the cyber security of both start ups and major companies.

Described as ethical hacking, this special cybersecurity technique helps to implement effective security control.

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