Useful Tools for GUI Testing

There are many tools that are making our life easier. While testing we’re using various tools. There are tools that are complex, there are simple tools. For each tester, there is a set of tools that is being used while working. In this small article, I want to share tools that I’m using when doing checking GUI.

When we’re testing GUI it’s very common to do screenshots. Of course, every OS has its own screenshot tool, that may be useful for someone.

For doing screenshots we prefer using Greenshot or Lightshot Screenshot.

One of the most popular tools for doing screenshots or GIFs is Gyazo.

Also,  PicPickFastStone CaptureJing are being used widely.

For capturing full page in Chrome browser, we use Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

In case you’re using Atlassian products, like Jira, Confluence, you can use Capture for Jira!

Finally, for GUI manual checking the tester should be able to use Developer Tools of browsers.

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