QTLab recommends. where to start learning software testing

The demand for software testing engineers is increasing daily. But at the same time, the competition for specialists is really tough. According to Future Processing, BLS there are 26.9 million software developers worldwide.

The digital world is developing, it is simply not slowing down. The rapid expansion of numbers of newly opened start-ups, new projects, and products increases the demand for software engineers.


tips where to start learning software testing
Lilit Simonyan, Software Testing Engineer at Quality Tech Lab


So what are you waiting for? To get the best out of this one of our very own software testing engineers Lilit Simonyan gives a piece of advice for beginners in the field. Well, here is where you should start.

Start with learning and non-stop reading

Advice to beginners: read, listen, take projects from the Internet and try to test them. Use your skills within the framework of what you have read and learned.

Don’t be afraid of a failure

When hired, follow the work of experienced colleagues, and do not be afraid of experiments or failures. Sometimes we learn by failing.

Speak the same technical language

While working you will constantly communicate with developers, product owners, project managers, and scrum masters. Sometimes you will discuss something directly with the customer. Learn to speak the same technical language with all of them.

Love what you do

Love what you do and do it with passion. Only this can lead to a successful working process and a quality final result.


As a Context-Driven offshore software development company At Quality Tech Lab we offer a wide range of operations that makes it possible for the business owners and the companies to outsource the entire software development process, from development to deployment.

With a creative mindset, critical thinking, innovative approach, and communication skills, Software Testing Engineers at Quality Tech lab have a perfect sense of details and make quick decisions while working under pressure. One of our company’s biggest advantages is that we implement the entire testing process. 
By outsourcing your software testing services the company both reduces staffing and management costs and improves processing speeds and quality.

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